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As demonstrated in the video, there are 7 specific Milestones you must achieve to get from "Drinking Too Much" to "Not Drinking Too Much."

If you are not precisely sure what "Not Drinking Too Much" means to you, that is absolutely the first thing you must decide before anything else can work. Without having a clear, measurable and manageable objective in your sight, there is simply no way that you will ever get there. If you want some help deciding your objective, click "Request A Free Coaching Call With Mike" so I can personally help you achieve that first essential milestone.

Or, if you have already decided what "Not Drinking Too Much" means to you, congratulations! You have already achieved your first milestone. For you, the next step is to create an effective plan for how you are going to go the distance. If you want some free help to create your plan, click on the button that says "Collaborate With Mike By Email".

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