Shawn's Story

Before Shawn hired me he called himself an alcoholic.

A successful real estate developer, Shawn had been drinking almost every day for more than twenty years. When he first contacted me, he was drinking vodka ’round the clock and as many as 24 beers a day. Shawn was also addicted to prescription meds. He was using Syroquel for depression, Ambien for insomnia, and Xanax for anxiety.

To help calm his nerves, he was chain smoking more than 2 packs a day. And still he was feeling miserable. He still couldn’t relax. He still couldn’t sleep. And he still had constant feelings of anxiety. In fact, because of his fears and dizzy spells, Shawn couldn’t even drive across a bridge without first stopping to have a drink. Shawn was so far gone he had come to believe “I need a drink to drive.” So he always kept a bottle of scotch in the car “So I can take the edge off while I am driving.”

On top of that, Shawn’s wife had finally left him. She and their three young kids had a code word for when Dad was too looped to be around. She told them “Barney’s Home.” When it was Barney in the house instead of Daddy, the kids knew they had to stay away from him. Fortunately, the house was big enough for them to stay out of his line of fire. But as Shawn’s drinking and his temper continued to get worse, their house was no longer big enough for the problem to be avoided. So Shawn’s wife and kids moved out. Now, having lost the people he loved the most, Shawn was on the verge of suicide. Having finally hit rock bottom, and having already tried two of the most expensive alcohol rehab centers in the country, he had gone online looking for an answer. That’s when he found me.

Shawn had a look at my website and requested a free consultation to see if I could help him. The next day I called him back and we began a conversation to help him solve his problem. After hearing where he was, one of the first things I said to Shawn is that he didn’t have to go to rehab and he should stop going to AA. In fact – and this is what blew his mind – I told him he didn’t even have a drinking problem. I told him he had a thinking problem. I said “Alcohol is not the problem. The problem is there before you reach for the bottle.” He didn’t like the sounds of that, but it definitely got his attention.

During the call, Shawn discovered that my perspective made a lot of sense to him, so he decided to enroll in my VIP Coaching Program. Then he came and spent a few days with me in person at my private location in Toronto. While he was here, Shawn immediately stopped drinking, smoking, and using all prescription drugs. Instead, he began using the skills I taught him to deal with all his conflicting thoughts and feelings. I showed him how to manage all his fears, losses, anger, resentment…I showed him how to end his anxiety, his physical tremors, and his sleepless nights.

After a 3 day “mental detox” at my place, we began his weekly training regime to develop his self-control and confidence. This consisted of a 30 minute call each week, and specific homework assignments to help him stay on track with the personal goals and plans that he and I had set together.

During that time, besides our weekly coaching calls, I was available for Shawn – as I am for all my VIP Clients – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sometimes, during those first few weeks especially, Shawn had to call me several times a week. Sometimes even several times a day! But it wasn’t long before “a miracle” happened. At least that’s what he called it. Within a couple of weeks of practicing what I taught him, Shawn realized he wasn’t powerless at all. In fact, he felt more powerful than ever.

6 months later, Shawn had gained total control over his addictions. He had stopped smoking, stopped using Syraquil, Xanax and Ambien. He stopped feeling anxious. Stopped feeling powerless. And he stopped being an alcoholic. Shawn had successfully transformed his identity. His whole way of being in the world became completely different. 12 months later, Shawn was still sober, he was in better shape than ever…and his wife and kids came back.

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