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“A guide is someone who can show you how to get wherever it is you need to be.
The best guides, of course, are those who have already been there.”

- Mike Highstead


For those who prefer to deal with their drinking privately, I offer an exclusive alcohol treatment service. My Private Alcohol Rehab Program maintains a 100% success rate through the most effective treatment, the most comprehensive coaching, and the most personalized support that money can buy. This elite service gives you the exclusive option of having confidential treatment in the comfort of your own home, or working privately with me at a location of your choice, anywhere in the world.

The program is custom-tailored to suit your own personal needs, preferences, schedule and location. Rather than getting the false sense of security that comes from checking into a facility – where alcohol isn’t even available – being professionally treated in your own environment will give you the skills, power and certainty of being able to control yourself where your access and temptations are the greatest.

Working directly with me by telephone and in person, your Private Alcohol Treatment Program is guaranteed to ensure complete recovery. Without checking into rehab, without needing to go to meetings, without anybody else knowing about it, and without any fear of relapse. Further, there is no financial risk. My exclusive Lifetime Sobriety Guarantee promises in writing "You will achieve your desired results or your money will be refunded".

Best of all, the process is fast, thorough, effective…and doesn’t require a lot of time to get the problem solved. To begin, request a call with me and get your free Personal Recovery Plan by clicking the button below.